I recently attended my first MSI event and I certainly hope it won’t be my last. I hope to share a few of my takeaways here.

Ritz_BachelorGulch_00201_920x518Relocation industry professionals make connectionsLOTS of them. As I walked through the halls of the conference venue, I was amazed at the relationships that were clearly evident. Relationships that have developed over the years and are obviously meaningful. The kind that nurtures the business already present and cultivates new business on the horizon. It was cool to see. Although I’m a relative newbie to the corporate side of relocation, I’m hopeful for the life-long, career-impacting friendships I’ve seen already.

Doing business = Influence. Embracing cultural diversity is a critical component to doing business. We must learn how to live and work among people and yes, even influence people who are different than us. Culture is seeing the world through the other person’s lens. Dr. Mansour Javidan said it best: “Global mindset is being comfortable with being uncomfortable in uncomfortable environments.

Calling a “Minga” is sometimes necessary in the business world. The Minga Philosophy comes from the Ecuadorian culture and it means, “The coming together of people to work for the benefit of all.” Marc Kielburger told the compelling story of a Me to We team challenge within the country of Ecuador that, short of a Minga-sized miracle, would not have happened. But the village community heard the rally cry and responded in force. That’s what we do when our team needs us. That’s what we do when our customers and our partners and our families need us.

I walked away from the MSI event with a fresh perspective and a desire to make a difference. You’re never quite the same when you see what is possible when people work together.


Kay Lynn Clay, Senior Manager, Corporate Relocation

MoveBuilder, an ArcBest Brand


* Editors note – Kay Lynn, you are most definitely welcome back anytime…